After School Academic Coaching

Accountability and Achievement through Academic Coaching

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Middle School comes with increased homework, projects, and responsibility. We foster independent work habits through mentoring to keep students on top of their work. Our coaches keep everyone accountable for their assignments and prioritize their studies so students can get the achievement levels they deserve. Legend Academics supplements this with an online academic program through Stanford’s Educated Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY).

  • Homework Coaching Session: Instructors pace, prioritize, supervise, and assist students to complete their school homework and check to ensure quality.
  • Guided Learning Session: Students will be guided to complete supplemental Reading, Writing, and Math curriculum. They are also offered an option to enroll in EPGY online curriculum at a discounted rate.
  • School Projects & Test Review: While it may not be realistic to expect students to complete all reviews and long-term school projects within the weekday after-school hours, our instructors will work hand-in-hand with parents as a team to pace and assist students in the process as needed.
  • STAR Test Prep: Students are assessed in the areas of Reading, Writing, and Math at the beginning of the school year. Results from these assessments serve to provide a reference in pacing the progression of the supplemental curriculum and preparation for STAR test in winter.
  • Optional Young Scholar Programs: Options to enroll in any Young Scholar Programs at no additional cost.
Monthly Fee Schedule:


Academic Session

Optional Transportation
(School to Center)

1-day per week


Not Available

2-day per week


Not Available

3-day per week



4-day per week



5-day per week



(* Montclaire, West Valley, Stevens Creek, Foothill, Argonaut: 5 days: $175, 4 days: $159, 3 days: $140)

Material Fee: $135 per school year

EPGY (Optional): $90 per school year (Regular $160)

Chinese Textbook: $25 (for students enrolled in Chinese only)

Extended Day: $25 per day

Late Pick-up: $9.00 after 6:30PM; $14.50 after 6:45PM; $1.00 per minute after 7:00PM

Late Monthly Payment: $25.00 if not paid by 4th of the month; $55 if not paid by 15th of the month


To enroll, please download the After School Academic Coaching Enrollment Form, fill it out, attach a check in the amount of $215($65 enrollment fee & $150 deposit), payable to Legend Learning Center, and send it to Legend’s Administration Office at:

Legend Learning Administration Office
20299 Stevens Creek Boulevard
Cupertino, CA 95014

Please note that the After School Academic Coaching Program operates at the Middle School Campus at:

21050 McClellan Road
Cupertino, CA 95014